Wireless Festival tends unintentionally bring way to a wave of chaotic energy. Whether an act booked for the multi-day festival finds themselves arguing with a fan in the crowd, phones being hurled around, or someone taking a hard tumble on stage, there’s never a dull moment. On the contrary, this year’s festivities gave birth to one hilarious joke due to Ice Spice’s producer Riot’s minimalist tech rider.

A lot goes into delivering a great show, but the “Barbie World” rapper only needs a mic. While Riot, who stood in as her onstage DJ, simply required the proper cords to connect to the speakers. One fan tuned into the festival’s live stream noticed the Riot’s bare table and took to Twitter to laugh about it. “Ice Spice DJ with the least demanding tech rider in Wireless history 😂,” wrote the user.

Riot joined in on the lighthearted roast, replying to the user, “Because I’m not a DJ 😭.” Ice Spice successfully completed her set without any compliments from attendees. So, it looks like the low-maintenance technical needs go to get the job done.

During her time in London, Ice Spice appeared on BBC Radio 1. When asked if she was enjoying herself, cheerfully replied, “I love it here. It kind of reminds me of New York a lit bit.”

Ice went on to say that while the cultures are similar, the major cities share something else in common, saying, “The smells too! Because I think yesterday was garbage day,” referring to London’s unique scent.

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