NORE’s Drink Champs podcast has heard its fair share of wild stories, but Ice-T is sure that he’s got the best one yet. In a preview clip from the upcoming episode, Ice-T recounts what he calls “the greatest Drink Champs story ever,” detailing the first time doing drugs with his wife, Coco. As the delighted hosts crack up, the LA gangsta rap pioneer remembers looking for an ecstasy dealer in a nightclub. When he finally finds one, though, not only does the salesman blow up his spot, but he also recruits Ice, giving him the entire stash and declaring, “Now, you’re the man!”

Ice-T’s storytelling gifts are certainly being put to use on Drink Champs, but usually, all he needs is his Twitter account and some free time to provide hilarious commentary on pop culture and sage advice on staying out of trouble in LA. His response to a promo for Law & Order: SVU gave a succinct explanation for why he can’t talk his way out of tickets as easily as his costars, while his educational day learning about television fans’ habit of “shipping” characters tickled plenty of funny bones online.

The new episode of Drink Champs will be available on Thursday, June 29, on Revolt TV.