Rapper Iggy Azalea was forced to cut short her recent performance at the Gamers8 event in Saudi Arabia due to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. The incident occurred on Friday, August 25, when her tight-fitting stage outfit began to slip off her left leg, threatening to expose her private parts.

Azalea, who has openly expressed her body positivity in the past, was seen in a video clip trying to hold her outfit in place while looking towards the side of the stage for assistance. However, due to the strict dress code and modesty laws in Saudi Arabia, she had no choice but to end the performance prematurely.

Following the incident, Azalea took to social media to apologize to her fans. In a series of now-deleted posts on Instagram, she wrote, “Saudi Arabia… Wasssssss…. probably the worst possible place to have my pants split & unfortunately, I wasn’t permitted to end the show. BUT silver lining, the promoters were amazingly kind to me & the PEOPLE who came were the absolute most supportive.”

She also expressed her feelings on Twitter, stating, “I love you guys. This was not what I intended for the show, but it’s a memory I’ll have forever & ultimately showed me how kind, loving & supportive people can be while you’re having such an embarrassing moment.”

Source: uproxx.com