Iggy Azalea Responds To Fan Backlash For Working With Torey Lanez

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Iggy Azalea has acknowledged the controversy that resulted from her recent joint moves together with Megan Thee Stallion’s suspect killer, Canadian rapper Torey Lanez.

The day before (October 7) The SORRY for What Lyricist announced to his 2 million followers on Twitter the plans to produce executive the Australian artist’s forthcoming studio album through a long tweet outlining his plans to work on the album.

“The first female URBAN album I will be releasing as an Executive Producer will be the next album of @IGGYAZALEA”!! !” Tory Lanez wrote in part. “I’ve been wanting to EP a FEMALE ARTIST’s ALBUM for a while… I want to RAISE THE BAR… On the BEATS, PRODUCTION & OVERALL EXPERIENCE of FEMALE ALBUMS… this is going to be fun.”

He added an separate tweet he quoted to respond to an online fan asking him to clarify his stance with Iggy Azalea. He wrote “She has a record collection of 65 million records SOLD …. Completely independent ….. and was DIAMOND certified with her first record …… Why wouldn’t Iggy ?”

Iggy Azaelea who is currently in the final phase of her Can’t Stop Us Now Tour along with Pitbull as well as Sean Paul, responded hours after Torey Lanez’s initial tweets. evidently irritated by the outpouring of negative reactions to her decision to band together to Torey Lanez.

“You’re all very welcome to speak your opinion freely about me… just as long as we all have an understanding: you are having a monologue & not a discussion with me – because (respectfully) my bills remain paid without your two cents,” she tweeted, saturating the page with emoticons.

Also, earlier in the month both artists started becoming popular and drawing attention on social media. Rumors were circulating that the two might be in a relationship following the fact that Iggy Azalea gifted Torey Lanez gifts to mark an album releaseand to which Lanez made a whole Instagram post to express gratitude to the “Baby girl,” for her love and support.

Torey Lanez is presently waiting to be tried for his claims of involvement in the shooting that occurred at a pool party held at the Kylie Jenner’s home that is believed to have focused on Megan The Stallion and caused injury to her feet. The trial was originally scheduled to begin on September 15, but, Judge David Herriford allowed Lanez to postpone the trial because of his lawyer for defense, Shawn Holley, working the arbitration case between his client Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and the alleged sexual assault victim.

Diddy Says He Likes To Listen To Tory Lanez’s Music During Sex

The upcoming album of Iggy Azalea will be the very first urban female solo album Torey Lanez will be given the chance to create however, it’s not his first time working closely with female artists in addition to collaborating with them.

In her most recent interview with The Joe Budden Podcast, former Rule #1 singer Mellii admitted that her record label Interscope Records didn’t want her to collaborate alongside Torey Lanez due to his fame in the music industry because of his past rap battles with other artists like Don Q, Drake and other artists.

“Before Meek, Tory already wanted to work with me,” Mellii said. “But the label did not want me to work on the project with Tory because Tory is messy and unclean. Thanks to him, however. They requested that I go with Meek.” The end, Mellii chose to work together with Torey Lanez, and the One Umbrella imprint, leading to their most-loved tracks “SOCO” along with “Slow For Me.”

Despite the controversy regarding Torey Lanez’s controversial music career, the singer seems to be producing music that people are eager to enjoy. DJ Akademiks also tweeted on the 7th of October that Lanez has the highest anticipated debut sales week for his upcoming album for the week ending on October 9, following the sale of more than 25,000 units. Check out the stream of the album SORRY for what album here.

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