The hosts of the talk show “The View” have expressed their dissatisfaction with the narrative surrounding Joe Jonas’s divorce filing from Sophie Turner. Jonas, a pop singer, initiated the divorce process earlier this week and there have been attempts to portray Turner, an actress known for her role in “Game of Thrones”, as a partygoer who neglects her children.

Recent developments include the publication of photos showing Turner drinking, which appeared in the Daily Mail. However, the hosts of “The View” defended Turner by providing essential context: the photos were taken at a wrap party for her new series, “Joan”.

Co-host Sara Haines said: “I think the spin of this that bothers me is, she’s working, he’s working. These weren’t new careers. They met on these terms. She’s at a wrap party for a show she did. We have wrap parties here. You celebrate the end! So that isn’t just a bar that she’s out hanging out, she happens to be with her colleagues at a bar, celebrating the end of a series.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, another co-host, went a step further by criticizing dubious reports about Jonas allegedly witnessing something through their Ring camera. Griffin said: “I sense some innuendo and undertones here of sexism. There’s even more out there, I don’t even want to give it steam, but like, alleging things that are on a camera without even saying what it was that they saw?”

Sunny Hostin was more direct in her response to reports that Jonas had the children with him on tour. “I’m sorry, is this an immaculate conception? So what, he’s taking care of the kids. Like, does he get a gold star?” she said.