Spotify has introduced a new feature called Spotify Duo, which allows two individuals living in the same household to share a single payment plan, but maintain two separate premium accounts. This feature enables users to keep their own passwords, playlists, and shared music. The discount offered by this plan seems to be aimed at providing a savings option for roommates and partners that doesn’t require them to opt for a family plan or share an account.

To utilize Spotify Duo, one of the two users must be assigned as the plan manager. This individual is responsible for setting up the payment method, establishing the address, and inviting the second user to join. The second user can join the plan once they receive the invitation by logging into their own account and entering the correct address. If they already have a premium account, they will be prompted to join Duo once their current premium account expires after the final month’s cancellation. Users are allowed to switch Duo plans only once per year.

To cancel an existing premium plan, users need to click on ‘CHANGE PLAN’ under the ‘Your Plan’ tab. Then, under ‘Cancel Spotify’, click ‘CANCEL PREMIUM’. The account will revert to a free account after the next billing date, with all playlists and saved music intact, but with the addition of ads. If you’re part of a Duo account, following these steps will only remove you from the Duo plan. The plan manager will still need to cancel or update the payment method.

For those who don’t have a premium account yet, it might be a good time to sign up as Spotify is currently considering limiting access to song lyrics to premium users only.

For detailed instructions on how to use Spotify Duo, you can watch this video [here](