It sure doesn’t take long for “is Drake dating…” rumors to start up. Seemingly every time there’s a new female performer on the scene, you can bet Drake will show up eventually to hang out, give advice, or potentially collaborate with them. And there will be pics or videos, so inevitably, folks on the internet will start wondering — no matter how unlikely the pairing (call it a career hazard of being the Certified Lover Boy).

This time, it’s St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red being connected with Drake by fans after the “Pound Town” performer posted pics cuddling up with the constantly crushing Canadian. Drake also reshared the photo on Instagram with the caption, “Just met my rightful wife.” The speculation started up almost immediately, with fans either praising Red for “bagging” the biggest star in music today or excoriating Drake for his supposedly thirsty ways.

drake sexyy red instagram.png

Of course, the pics popped up only a little after a month since the last Drake dating rumor, when he was supposed to be hooking up with singer Lilah Pi and had everybody Googling “Who is Lilah Pi?” Other famous women Drake has supposedly romanced include Kim Kardashian, SZA, and even Taylor Swift, once upon a time. Honestly, if even half these rumors were true, you have to wonder when Drake would ever have time to, you know, record music.

Truthfully, it’s probably just a case of a connection, by chance or intentional — after all, networking is the lifeblood of the entertainment industry — and the two artists’ naturally flirtatious natures giving fans some fat to chew on a slow Wednesday. Still, it’s a great look for Sexyy Red, who is proving she’s equally great at stirring up controversy as she is at cooking up raunchy raps that we just can’t stop singing.