Is Frank Ocean’s New Album Coming Soon?

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The moment that Kendrick Lamar has finally released his long-awaited album, Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers the online buzz is turning towards whenever Frank Ocean finally decides to make a follow-up to Blonde. Six years have passed since Frank Ocean dropped an album, but there was a sign today that we could get closer to the promised place.

Today (September 26th) Frank Ocean took the liberty to remove all posts on the Instagram profile (@blonded). Take it with a grain of salt however, if there was ever any sign that there is a Frank Ocean album is coming in the near future, this is it. However, there are other indications lately which suggest that Frank Ocean SZN is approaching.


In the month of July Ocean launched two episodes on the Blonded Radio program available on Apple Music out of the blue. The show was unusual to put it mildly with a total of 35 minutes of original composition that Ocean composed over a conversation about micro-dosing and psychedelics, and another composition that was set to a lecture about Qi Gong. In the past year it was reported about that Ocean had meetings with executives from labels as they shopped around for a new album. It could be dismissed as untrue, given what is it that Frank Ocean need to “shop a record” for? While he’s at it, Ocean released a luxurious sex-themed toy this month.

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