In today’s social media age, it doesn’t take much to start a rumor. A case in point is the recent speculation that Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Tems, was pregnant. The rumor started from a video of the star holding the front of her coat, which some fans interpreted as her trying to hide a baby bump. The rumor quickly escalated with fans speculating that the father could be her “Wait For U” collaborator, Future.

The video, which seems to have been shared on her Instagram Story, shows the star interacting with fans at an event. However, the way she held her coat sparked pregnancy rumors among some online observers. Some even speculated that Future was the father of the alleged baby.

Is Tems really pregnant with Future’s baby? The answer is most likely “no”. Although Tems did not directly address the rumor, she subtly dismissed it on both Twitter and Instagram. In a tweet, she wrote, “In conclusion, you people are all mad!!!” The star, who is accustomed to criticism of her fashion choices, seems unfazed by the speculation.

On Instagram, she shared a series of side profile photos in the same outfit, presumably taken on the same day as the video that sparked the rumors. The photos show no visible baby bump. She also reposted a supporter’s sharp response to a skeptical commenter who insisted that she was lying.

The key takeaway from this incident is not to believe everything you see online. Sometimes, people just make things up.