The popular artist known as The Weeknd has left many fans puzzled when he announced that he would no longer be using his stage name and would instead be going by his real first name, Abel. This announcement came as a surprise, particularly following his recent involvement in the HBO series, The Idol.

However, this does not signify his retirement from the music industry. In an interview with W Magazine in May, he clarified that he is simply ready for a change.

“I’m currently on a cathartic journey,” he explained. “I’m reaching a point where I’m preparing to close the chapter on The Weeknd. I’ll continue to make music, possibly as Abel, possibly as The Weeknd. But I do want to let go of The Weeknd. And I will, in due course. I’m certainly looking to shed that persona and be reborn.”

Fans of his music can rest assured, as the second season of The Idol was cancelled by HBO. “The Idol was one of HBO’s most provocative original programs, and we’re pleased by the strong audience response,” a spokesperson for the network stated. “After much thought and consideration, HBO, along with the creators and producers, have decided not to proceed with a second season. We’re grateful to the creators, cast, and crew for their exceptional work.”