Travis Scott fans have been more tantalized than ever over the past few weeks, as the trickle of Utopia teases increased to a steady stream. While a solid release date has yet to be announced, it does seem that one is nearing, as Travis has taken out billboards that seemed to reveal some significant date, promoted the album in his Nike campaign with John McEnroe, and even gave his hometown Houston Astros a private listening. Over the weekend, Travis also announced an upcoming show at the Giza pyramids in Egypt, which is just extravagant enough to suggest that the album is due soon.

But there’s still little-to-no info about what — or who — will actually be on it whenever it does drop. Bad Bunny confirmed a collaboration with Travis recently after Travis himself appeared to tease the song during a party in Monaco, but no other collaborators had been confirmed — until Friday, when XO Records co-founder Cash posted a photo on Instagram of the now-infamous Utopia briefcase and a caption bearing both Travis and The Weeknd’s handles. It sure sounds like The Weeknd will be featured on the album, reuniting the two artists on an album for the first time since 2018’s Astroworld, when they collaborated on “Wake Up.” They also appeared together on “Power Is Power” from the Game Of Thrones companion soundtrack, For The Throne, in 2019 alongside SZA.