Travis Scott’s fourth studio album, Utopia, has been widely praised and is one of the most celebrated albums of the year. After a three-year hiatus, Scott is set to return to touring in support of the album.

Scott’s forthcoming Utopia: Circus Maximus Tour has generated excitement among fans. However, some are expressing concern about the potential for a repeat of the tragic events at the Astroworld festival in 2021. This has raised several questions about the upcoming tour.

One question is whether Live Nation will be sponsoring the Utopia: Circus Maximus Tour. The answer is yes, Live Nation, which is the world’s largest entertainment company and one of the few event production companies capable of managing a fanbase as large as Scott’s, will be sponsoring the tour.

Despite this, there are still concerns about a potential recurrence of the Astroworld tragedy, which led to eight fatalities and numerous injuries. In the aftermath of the 2021 Astroworld festival in Houston, several attendees and their families filed lawsuits against Live Nation, with one plaintiff notably seeking $1 million in damages.

Live Nation has not yet disclosed what steps they will take to prevent a similar incident from happening again. However, it is worth noting that Houston is conspicuously missing from the list of Utopia tour stops.