Travis Scott‘s fourth studio album Utopia has the internet abuzz. As Scott is guaranteed to do with any project of his, he brought in a promising list of collaborators on this new album, notably SZA, 21 Savage, and the one and only Beyoncé. But also, fans have been eager for another Kid Cudi collab from Scott, and he delivered on this with the Utopia cut, “Looove.”

“Looove” has become an instant fan favorite, with fans asking if a Cudi and Scott joint album could be a possibility in the future.

Yesterday, Cudi took to Twitter to answer questions from a few fans, including one who said they “needed” the joint album.

“Its def happening at some point,” Cudi responded. “Dont even trip.”

But don’t expect it anytime soon. All good work takes time, and Cudi says he and Scott plan to take their time on this collaborative effort.

“I wanna create a ton of songs and pick the tastiest ones and really make it a moment for the culture,” Cudi said. “We only get 1 first album, its gotta be the illest. For now, UTOPIA.”

Still, fans are excited to learn that Scott and Cudi’s joint album, which they have nicknamed The Scotts, may actually see the light of day. Last December, Cudi ruled out the possibility of a joint album with Scott, saying “The moment has passed.”

During his brief bout on Twitter yesterday, Cudi clarified what he meant, saying, “Me and Trav hadn’t talked about it since the single [2020’s ‘The Scotts’] so years passed and I figured it wasnt happening. And im someone who likes to work when the moment is right and I felt like the moment passed. But then Trav said something publically so I was like well shit I guess we doin it ha…”

Utopia is out now via Epic Records and Cactus Jack. Find more information here.