Cardi B made headlines this weekend in Las Vegas when she threw a microphone at a fan while on stage. It turns out, though, that wasn’t even the only mic she threw while in Sin City.

On Friday (July 28), Cardi performed at Drai’s Nightclub, as HipHopDX notes. As she finished a rendition of “I Like It,” she turned and launched her microphone towards the DJ booth, as seen in a fan-shot video shared on TikTok. It’s not clear why she threw the mic, but one comment on the TikTok post notes, “Dj keeps cutting her tracks multiple times,” while another reads, “the djs be thinking it’s they performance [crying laughing emoji] this his second time doing that to her.”

As for the other microphone-throwing moment, that came the next day at an outdoor daytime performance at Drai’s Nightclub. A fan splashed Cardi with a drink, so the rapper retaliated by throwing the microphone at them. A number of people thought Cardi was justified in her actions, with one person tweeting, “Even Adele said you throwing stuff at her, she would be throwing hands. Why are people thinking this is an acceptable thing to do. I don’t condone violence but come on now some people gonna react like Miss Cardi, don’t be shook when you acted first.”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.