Six years and five seasons have passed since Colin Kaepernick last played in the NFL, after being effectively ostracized due to his views on the National Anthem. Despite his absence and the league’s unjust treatment, Kaepernick’s passion for the game and desire to play remain undiminished. Rapper J. Cole, a friend and strong supporter of Kaepernick, is among those most eager to see him get a second chance.

J. Cole recently shared a letter that Kaepernick wrote to the New York Jets, expressing his wish for an opportunity to prove himself. The Jets are currently short of a starting quarterback due to Aaron Rodgers’ injury during their September 11 game against the Buffalo Bills. J. Cole sought Kaepernick’s permission to publicize the letter, hoping it might enhance his chances of receiving a response, if not from the Jets, then from another team in need of a quarterback.

J. Cole wrote, “My argument was that I believe the people and all organizations should know the truth about how hard he works and how much he still wants to play. And always has. In the end, he agreed to let me.” He added in his caption that he hopes there’s a spot out there for Kaepernick.

The letter, dated September 21, 2023, was addressed to Joe Douglas of the New York Jets. In it, Kaepernick expressed his wishes for the team’s success and offered his services as a practice squad leader. He also proposed a contingency plan in case of further quarterback injuries, assuring the team of his readiness to step in if needed.

Kaepernick emphasized that unlike many veteran quarterbacks mentioned in the media, he has never retired or stopped training. He has maintained a consistent training schedule for six years, hoping for an opportunity to return to the game. He also provided references from within the league who could vouch for his character, work ethic, and ability.