Jaboukie Young-White Shares His Raunchy Debut Rap Single, ‘BBC’

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Actor and comedian Jaboukie Young-White is experimenting in the field of music. Not only as a producer Francois Boom from HBO Max’s popular show, Rap Sh!t. Today, he’s released his first track, “BBC.”

In this instance, “BBC” may not represent what you think it does for. In the song, Jaboukie raps about his “bad b*tch coochie.”

“Tossin’ my salad like he toss a brewski / Got your man, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, J use me’ / D*ck game put him in a pew seat / Bad b*tch coochie,” the rapper sings.

Jaboukie cut the fun dance-ready track in his home with the assistance by his twin brother.

“Bad b*tch coochie is a state of mind,” declared Jaboukie in an interview. “I did a four on the floor kick, and then the brother of mine, Javeigh was able to lay down a brutal, dirty bassline. The lyrics should reflect this jolly and sleazy attitude. I would like this song to be one you can’t resist dancing to.”

In the video accompanying the song the singer, who is also the director’s debut, Jaboukie is shown jogging around the town in green suits, and also sporting a fuzzy sweater, slamming and humming the air. The screen’s distortion is apparent all over and creates a trippy and hypnotic look.

Look up “BBC” above.

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