Jack Black had the biggest hit of his career with “Peaches,” Bower’s yearning ballad for Princess Peach from The Super Mario Bros. Movie (coincidentally, the biggest movie of 2023). Over the weekend, at the Game Awards’ 10–Year Concert, the Tenacious D member performed the song live for the first time.

Black was accompanied by a full orchestra, but no Toad on the maracas. A real missed opportunity there. Still, you can watch it below.

Also during the show, Black’s band Tenacious D performed their own Mario-adjacent song, the recent single “Video Games.”

Black was initially hesitant to sing in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is maybe the first time he’s ever be hesitant to break into a tasty jam.

“We had already had a few sessions; I think we were a year in when [directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic] first sprung it on me,” he told IGN. “They were like, ‘How would you feel about Bowser singing a song?’ And I was like, ‘Ooh, I don’t know.’ I’m very protective about my singing career with my band, Tenacious D.” But once he heard “Peaches,” Black “couldn’t deny that it was funny. I was like, I get it. I see why you want Bowser to do this, tickling the ivories and singing a love song to Peaches. It was undeniable.”

Also undeniable: “Peaches” deserving an Oscar nomination. Tenacious D was robbed once before; don’t make it twice.

(Via Nintendo Life)

Source: uproxx.com