Jack Harlow Was A Charismatic Natural Co-Hosting ‘The Tonight Show’ Alongside Jimmy Fallon

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Tonight (October 7), Jack Harlow performs at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Ahead of that, though, he had something else to take care of while he was in the area: co-hosting The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon yesterday.

Harlow assisted on a “Hashtags” segment, with the theme being #AddAWordRuinAHorrorMovie. As they read tweets and made quips about them, Harlow radiated his signature calm confidence as he played off of Fallon and came up with some amusing banter.

Elsewhere, NBA legend Dwayne Wade was the episode’s guest and Harlow mostly took a backseat during the interview. He had his moments, though, like when Wade was talking about how hard it can be for him to watch basketball games as a former pro. Wade then noted that Harlow (who participated in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game earlier this year) plays ball and asked if he thinks about what he would do if he watches the NBA. Harlow answered, “Well, I think, ‘Wow, I’d like to do that.’” Then, the NBA fan in Harlow shone through when he quickly asked Wade of the Utah Jazz (which Wade co-owns), “Are y’all rebuilding?” Wade clarified, “We’re reshaping.”

Harlow, Fallon, and Wade also played a round of “Random Object Shootout” during the episode. Fallon interviewed Harlow, too, so check out clips from the show above and below.

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