This past weekend was an eventful one for the stars of the Philadelphia 76ers, as Joel Embiid got married on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed himself, FaceTiming Meek Mill to rap “Dreams and Nightmares” to him from the ceremony while also dancing up a storm.

While that was happening and a handful of Embiid’s teammates were in attendance for his nuptials, James Harden and PJ Tucker were down in Miami enjoying themselves at Rolling Loud, where a video went viral of Harden grabbing four (4) hamburgers from legendary Houston rapper Bun B.

Listen, who among us has not been enjoying themselves at a concert, maybe had a few beverages, and not wanted to eat four hamburgers. I would do the same thing as Harden if presented with a tray of free burgers, so I am not going to be one to throw stones here.

That said, plenty of folks online began making connections between Harden’s statement (or maybe threat) earlier in the week to make things “uncomfortable” on his Instagram story amid the reports he’d be more than willing to report to camp and be a distraction should the Sixers not meet his trade request by October. Harden knows better than most how to turn up the heat on a team and make clear he doesn’t want to be there, as he put on some pounds in Houston when he wanted to leave the Rockets and made the Nets locker room miserable before being dealt to Philly. Maybe this is part of the program, maybe he’s taking burgers to some friends, or maybe he was just a very hungry fella. Either way, it is a pretty funny video of him just stacking burgers in his arms and disappearing into the night.