Jason Momoa, known for his love of rock music, was spotted at a Metallica concert over the weekend. Other celebrities such as John Travolta, Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe, and reality TV star Tom Sandoval were also present at the concert held at SoFi Stadium. However, unlike them, Momoa was seen enjoying himself in the mosh pit.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Momoa, star of “Aquaman” and “Fast X”, was seen at Metallica’s concerts in Los Angeles on both Friday and Sunday. He also attended a Pantera concert while in town. A video shared by TMZ shows Momoa actively participating in the mosh pit.

Momoa shared his experiences from the concerts on Instagram. He revealed that he had planned to attend the concerts with his close friend Travis Snyder, who is battling leukemia. However, due to an emergency surgery, Snyder could not make it. Momoa arranged a FaceTime call between Snyder and the members of Metallica.

Momoa expressed his gratitude to everyone who made it possible for Snyder to virtually attend the concerts. He thanked Metallica for connecting with Snyder and for their donation to Maui. He also asked for continued support for Snyder during his recovery.

The actor did not reveal his favorite Metallica song but it’s known that his Game of Thrones co-star is a fan of “Jump in the Fire.”

Source: uproxx.com