JAY-Z & Beyoncé Pose In An Elevator Without Solange For ‘Club Renaissance’ Photoshoot

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JAY Z as well Beyonce’s recent photoshoot are further evidence how time can heal all hurtsincluding high-profile family dramas.

The day before (October 8, 2018), Bey shared several images via Instagram of her most recent Club Renaissance party in Paris, France.

One of them was a picture featuring Mrs. as well as Mrs. Carter posing inside an elevator, a reference at Solange’s notorious 2014 assault on JAY-Z.

Beyonce is seen in a silver-silver ensemble complete with sunglasses, and her husband’s stoic face contrasts with his wife’s attire by wearing an all-black suit, topped with an elegant silver lapel pin.

Solange’s attack on JAY-Z’s elevator took place during a party at The Standard Hotel in New York City in May 2014, following an Met Gala afterparty.

Video surveillance from the elevator captured Beyonce violently swinging and throwing kicks at her brother-in law before being restraining by an security guard. Hov did not retaliate as Beyonce was seated in the elevator.

The reports at the time suggested the When I’m Back singer was angry at JAY-Z over being accused of cheating on the sister of hers.

A few years later, Beyonce utilized her husband’s reported infidelity as the fuel for the Grammy award-winning record Lemonade that JAY-Z apologized for in the year following on 4.44 -which could be a reference on the location of the hotel (444 West 13th Street).

The notorious scuffle actually helped Solange’s career boost as her catalog enjoyed an over 300 percent more sales after video footage of the fight went viral.

Her younger Knowles sister went on to be awarded an Grammy herself, thanks the “A Seat at the Table single “Cranes in the Sky,” that was awarded the award for Best R&B Performance in 2017.

Beyonce Was Ready To Fight 50 Cent During JAY-Z Beef: ‘I Didn’t Know How To Respond’

While he was ignoring it for a long time, JAY-Z briefly addressed the elevator fight in his interview on the Radar Podcast. Radar Podcast in the year 2017.

“I have fought my brothers and debated with my brothers all throughout my life. It’s just the way it is. what we’re like and these things are a part of another space however, it’s not anything,” he said.

“We’ve never had wonderful relationship. We’ve had one argument. Prior to and after, we’ve always been cool. This is my sister. Not my sister-in-law, no, my sister. Period.”

For the Beyonce Club Renaissance party, the disco-themed event was a promotion for her new album Renaissance and also the JAYZ and her collaboration with the high-end jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co.

The singer from the former Destiny’s Child singer starred in the 30-minute campaign video “LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE,” that featured clips from her Parisian party , which was accompanied to the Renaissance album, titled “Summer Rennaisance.”

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