Jay-Z, who is not typically active on social media, recently used Instagram to promote the Netflix film The Harder They Fall, which he executive produced. Despite the film featuring a lot of music, Jay-Z only contributed to a few tracks, including a collaboration with Kid Cudi titled “Guns Go Bang”.

Now, he has returned to Instagram to promote another film project, The Book Of Clarence. This is another collaboration with Jeymes Samuel and the trailer suggests that we can expect more new music from the mogul. Fans are humorously predicting that Jay-Z will deactivate his account again within 24 hours, as he did previously.

Despite claiming that he’s “not a social media guy”, Jay-Z’s understanding of memes and online trends suggests otherwise. While he doesn’t maintain a strong online presence, he has proven to be effective at using social media when he chooses to, whether it’s for promoting new projects or expressing admiration for his musical influences.

The Book Of Clarence appears to be a satirical take on celebrity culture, told through the perspective of a scammer from the Biblical era (played by LaKeith Stanfield) who attempts to portray himself as a Messiah, inspired by Jesus. Samuel’s ambitious approach was evident in The Harder They Fall, and The Book Of Clarence seems to be even more ambitious. We’ll find out if Samuel has learned from his previous experience when the film is released in January 2024.

Source: uproxx.com