Summer Walker, Latto, and Lola Brooke have all stepped up their stage presence thanks to the help of Teyana Taylor. However, rap newbie Jeleel!’s live performance doesn’t need any tweaking. The “Deliver!” rapper never fails to put his athletic background on full display whenever he’s on a lineup. During one of the entertainer’s recent shows, he added a sprinkle of humor into his set.

While limping to the stage on crutches, Jeleel! took to the stage and told the crowd, “I tore my ACL, and my doctor said I can’t perform tonight. So, I just wanted to come out here and show y’all some love. I love y’all.”

But before the group of eager fans could let the news sink in, he threw away his props, landing an epic backflip for his biggest concert prank to date. The attendees roared in excitement as the rapper showed off his years of gymnastics training.

Jeleel! spoke at great lengths about how he initially sought to be a professional athlete rather than a musician. When asked by Newsweek what changed his mind, Jeleel! told the outlet, “That wasn’t in God’s plan. So I tried doing music, and I fell in love with it. I felt like that was what my calling was.”