Jermaine Dupri Confirms a Bad Boy and So So Def VERZUZ Battle Is Coming

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With the VERZUZ dispute seemingly settled The shows are on their return path.

Following a public discussion about bringing Jermaine Dupri as well as Diddy into the VERZUZ arena was halted in the summer and the So So Def leader revealed that the fight is ongoing.

“I’m saying this to let y’all know, the So So Def and Bad Boy VERZUZ is happening,” Dupri announced on stage at One Music Fest.


In the middle of Summer, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and Triller announced the fact that they had settled their dispute with their lawyers regarding VerzUZ’s sale was settled.

“VERZUZ has always been a platform that is by the artists, for the artists and with the people,” the its founders Swizz Beatz as well as Timbaland. “We’re glad to come to an amicable agreement with Triller and continue giving fans the music and community that they’ve come to know and love from the brand.”

In the settlement, the artists Timbaland & Swizz Beatz brought to Triller as part of the original agreement would be given a larger ownership stake.

“VERZUZ along with Triller will always be a safe space and a platform for artists and their work. There is nothing that can change that,” says Bobby Sarnevesht co-founder and Executive Chairman. “Creators have started this project and will continue to build it. This is a triumphant moment within the Triller and VERZUZ alliance as we move together towards the market for public goods. Keep an eye out for.”

On August 1, Swizz Beatz as well as Timbaland filed a lawsuit against Triller to protect their intellectual property in the amount 8 figures. Two of the top producers claim that Triller is now a well-known social media platform for video sharing, has never compensated them in exchange for their Verzuz concept which Triller is now the sole owner. Triller bought Verzuz via Swizz and Timbaland in January 2021. However, the contract was canceled after Triller paid only two times in the suit which was obtained by TMZ.

The new settlement was announced and Timbaland as well as Swizz Beatz stated they remain satisfied with their platform and their purchase by Triller for the purpose of continuing to showcase and celebrate artists.

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