HBO’s Hard Knocks often shines a spotlight on lesser-known players and rookies striving to make the team, introducing viewers to the individuals beneath the football gear.

In a recent episode of Hard Knocks, Jerome Kapp, an undrafted wide receiver from Kutztown University, stole the limelight during the team’s rookie talent show. These talent shows are a highlight of Hard Knocks, as rookies are usually asked to impersonate coaches or star teammates, often leading to amusing outcomes. One memorable moment was Tim Johnson’s impersonation of Shannon Sharpe during the Ravens’ 2001 camp.

However, Kapp was not asked to mimic a coach or teammate. Instead, he performed B-Rabbit’s freestyle from 8 Mile, much to the enjoyment of the Jets team room.

While Kapp’s musical abilities may not secure him a future in the music industry, as he had some difficulty keeping up with the Shook Ones beat, his all-out effort was appreciated by his teammates. His willingness to potentially embarrass himself for the sake of the rookie talent show likely earned him some additional respect in the locker room.