Emmy-winning actor Jharrel Jerome, known for his roles in “Moonlight,” “When They See Us,” “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse,” and “I’m A Virgo,” is now venturing into the music industry.

On August 23, Jerome shared a sneak peek of his upcoming project, “Rap Pack,” on Instagram. The video shows the Bronx native casually walking down the street, rapping to a smooth beat. The full project is set to be released on August 30.

In the Instagram Reel, Jerome raps, “There’s more to life than just money and women / Well, huh, that’s funny, I’m kiddin’ / What a lovely tradition / But I’m 24 / I make dummy decisions. I got a lot to learn, but honey, I’m stuck in detention / I’m with my homies, and my homies been Bloodin’ and Crippin’ / Down in the city, back when 50 was thuggin’ and pimpin’.”

In April, it was revealed that Jerome would be making his foray into music. His debut project, “Someone I’m Not,” is being released as a four-part series, including “Rap Pack.” At the same time, he released his single “Chinatown.”

Jerome’s first single, “For Real” featuring Kemba, was released in 2020, followed by “Someone I’m Not” in August 2022.

“Rap Pack” will be available on August 30 via Sony Music Entertainment. More information can be found [here](https://forms.sonymusicfans.com/campaign/jharrel-jerome-rap-pack/).

Source: uproxx.com