JID Explores Poverty In Tragic Video For ‘Money’

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JID has given his track “Money” the visual treatment with an old-fashioned music video that turns dark.

The Chad Tennies and Mac Grant-directed video follows two brothers who live living in rural Georgia having fun, getting in trouble and exploring their shabby neighborhood.

Although JID’s track – particularly the optimistic beat from Khrysis that makes the entire appearance of bliss however, the streets and fields that the boys play on are littered with trash, and the food they eat are made of bread and bologna that were not created with any effort.

The situation gets more disturbing when the brothers go out to purchase some new shoes that they are eventually unable to pay for. When they return to their mom is seen working at a job that isn’t so comfortable in the evening, lies asleep in the sofa. The last shot shows the mother being taken in the ambulance, with an unmarked white sheet on her head. A social worker is speaking with the boys.

“Money”‘s video “Money” comes after JID dropped the video to “Dance Now” with Kenny Mason earlier this month and it was similar to the original.

The Forever Story is an emotional album that is deeply personal, since it pays homage to Dreamville rapper’s debut and his family. The rapper recently admitted in an interview Ebro Darden that performed a funeral for his family to introduce the album.

“The way it starts is actually at my grandma’s funeral,” J.I.D declared in “Kody Blu 31.” “I have the actual video. I’m crying in the corner and holding my phone recording this because I’m sure it’s a significant moment.

“A couple of years prior I lost my other grandma’s mother on my side. My dad’s mother was the one who we lost. As I record this my dad sings his heart out in the recording.”

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He went on to say: “At the beginning of the song, if one listens to it for fifteen to twenty seconds, you can hear my entire family singing. My momma could sing, ‘Thank You Lord.’

“It’s very powerful, and it’s about pushing forward. The lyrics say”Swing on, swing on. It’s got a choir feeling. My family is everywhere on it.”

Even though The Forever Storyhas been released for just only for a couple of weeks JID revealed to Complex that he’s already thinking about what’s coming next and revealed that his follow-up project could be a Gangsta grillz album together with DJ Drama.

“Me and [DJ] Drama are really gonna do it right,” he stated. “I’m talking about other beats on N-Gas. We’re going to do a DiCaprio 3.”

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