Jim Jones Blasts BET For Refusing Him Access To Hip Hop Awards

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Atlanta, GA – Jim Jones has placed BET on the defensive over not permitting him take part in this week’s BET Hip Award ceremony at Atlanta.

In a statement on Friday (September 30) on September 30, the Harlem rapper announced that he would like to show his support for his dear acquaintance and friend New Yorker Fat Joe who is scheduled as the host for this year’s awards ceremony, but claimed that the network would not allow the rapper access.

Capo posted on Instagram to tell Joey Crack he tried his best to be there to the show scheduled for Friday evening. However, BET evidently shut him down and blamed COVID-19 protocol for not allowing for extra talented guests.

“I was tryin to go to th bet hip hops awards and support my brother @fatjoe and this how a @bet handled me lol lol Dam @BET I thought this was th hip hop award show,” the rapper wrote.

“Somebody tell @fatjoe I tried don’t want him think I ain’t keep my word told him I was comin But BeT says different mayb next time tear tht shit down joe They still talkin Covid and th cdc says ain’t no more Covid lol”

Jones was able to get encouragement in the form of the support of his Lobby Boyz Partner Maino in his comments section. “They playing with the Lobby smh,” Jones wrote.

It’s unclear whether BET will extend its invitations to Jim Jones after the public critiques since he had promised Joe that he’d be at the building to offer his assistance.

Kanye West, Drake & Kendrick Lamar Lead 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards Nominations

Joey Crack will bring the energy for what’s being called”the “biggest” award show ever with him as the host in the Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Center.

The 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards will be broadcast exclusively at BET this Thursday, October 4, at 9 p.m. ET. Drake is the leader of the group with 14 nominations. Trina is expected to be recognized with the “I Am Hip Hop” Award.

“This will be the BIGGEST award show in history,” Fat Joe told Billboard. “It’s truly an honour to be the host and producer of BET Hip Hop Awards.” BET Hip Hop Awards, and I am unable to be grateful to Connie and the whole BET group enough for this chance..

“We’re celebrating the arts, culture and entertainment, pay tribute to the brightest and biggest stars of the world, and create an unforgettable evening full of laughter and surprises. Be aware that yesterday’s host isn’t today’s host.”

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