Jim Jones Tells Weed Business Owners To Act Now After Biden Announces Pardons

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Jim Jones is telling prospective cannabis entrepreneurs to enter the market following President Joe Biden’s proposal to make marijuana less criminal.

Talking to TMZ J Ones expressed his opinions regarding the president’s plans to pardon for marijuana criminals and what it means for the next generation of entrepreneurs looking to set up companies in the cannabis industry.

“I think it’s dope that he’s decriminalizing it across all the boards and trying to actually get them to take it off the level of heroin and fentanyl,” Jones declared.

“It’s dope because there are still thousands and thousands of people locked up right now for weed offenses, which is crazy,” Biden added. “Finally Biden has done something that is correct. .”

Although he’s pleased by Biden’s announcement Jones says that the federal government can hinder entrepreneurs who are new to the business by buying all of marijuana farms. He believes that the “We Fly High” rapper believes that entrepreneurs of the future need to think outside the box in order to succeed.

“You gotta think outside the box sometimes,” he told me.

As an owner of businesses in the cannabis industry, Jones has a vested in the decriminalization cannabis. In the year 2018, he co-founded Saucey Farms & Extracts, his cannabis-related company, with the help of celebrity jewellery maker Alex Todd. Since its creation the company has focused on cartridges, distillates and also offers an assortment of “high-quality strains” for those who prefer smoking.

Alongside his cannabis-related business, Jones has investments in numerous other businesses. He revealed before his fellow members at the Breakfast Club that he used the profits he earned from gains from crypto markets to generate several stream of earnings.

“Cryptocurrency is dope,” Jones stated. “The space for culture is amazing. It’s certainly like the ‘Wild Wild West with regards to earning money. You’ve heard of bitcoin, and you’ll find that it’s a separate thing. You also have the coins they’ve on an Ethereum basis. It’s similar to the second largest platform for cryptocurrency. .”

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