Joe Budden has clarified his rumored conflict with Cardi B and has taken back his previous remarks about her song “Bongos” during a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast.

“I don’t engage with things that can emotionally harm me,” he stated. “Cardi is my friend, so when the headlines read, ‘Cardi B Rips Into Joe Budden’ — it’s painful. It hurts my feelings.”

“I wouldn’t have said that directly to Cardi because I respect her,” Budden continued. “I was addressing a few other people, but now I have to deal with the Cardi situation.”

A few weeks prior, Budden had upset the Bronx rapper by criticizing her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, calling it a “science project,” as reported by HipHopDX.

“I dislike the song,” he admitted. “It’s not superior to any similar songs like ‘WAP,’ ‘Up,’ or any of Cardi B’s features. This is Cardi preparing to release her second album… They’re not going to invest in promoting this into the fourth and first quarter.”

Cardi eventually caught wind of Budden’s comments and responded during an Instagram live session. “I just feel like he has a problem with me,” Cardi expressed. “And it wasn’t just about the critique of ‘Bongos’ — it’s about him inviting people who have said the most disrespectful, vile things… when Mal and Rory say offensive things about you, you get so defensive and you want to clarify it.”

However, it’s positive that the two were able to resolve their differences.

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