JT of Miami rap duo City Girls is helping formerly incarcerated women turn their lives around. Following the release of her scorching single, “No Bars,” JT has launched No Bars Reform to help these women re-enter society.

JT previously served a two-year prison sentence for credit card fraud, as City Girls began taking off. According to No Bars Reform’s official website, the program will help these women through employment opportunities, housing, social services, and therapy.

Back in March, JT took to Twitter to share that she herself had recently begun seeing a therapist herself.

“Super excited about starting therapy,” she said. “I encourage you all to do the same!”

On a related note, JT wrote in a statement shared to No Bars Reform that she hopes her new music will lead to more audiences taking her seriously as an artist.

“I’d read the craziest things about myself and would want to scream,” JT said, but instead I went to the studio and popped my sh*t! I know most of y’all heard it but for those who haven’t I hope this freestyle finds you in a great place and is a start of the respect I deserve in music. I love music! I love my voice! I love poppin my shit.”

Source: uproxx.com