Just Blaze Reveals Jay-Z’s song, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ Was Originally Meant For Ghostface Killah

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The music producer behind the cult track “Girls, Girls, Girls,” Just Blaze describes the process used to bring the song back to life, as well as taking an in-depth look into the production of Jay-Z’s smash album The Blueprint.

Recently, the legendary producer, DJ, a pioneer of the hip hop’s early 2000s as well as the pioneer in sampling Just Blaze talked with lyricist and emcee Talib Kwelion the People’s Party podcast to discuss his influences, the impact and experience with music.

The turn tablelist that is a legend revealed the enormous influence that legendary producer Pete Rock has on his work. Blaze Kweli and Kweli also talk about their close friendships they have in their business and also discuss J.P.’sspiritual decision to abandon sampling at the time that he contributed to his Black Star album and how it resulted in Blaze having the largest portion of his records.


Get Blaze’s perspective on the reasons Kanye’s said that Kanye was his arch nemesis when they were both working as chief producers at the Roc-A-Fella label and much more!

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