Kanye West turned 46 years old on Thursday (June 8) and over the weekend, he celebrated with a nyotaimori dinner with friends and associates like “wife” Bianca Censori, Freddie Gibbs, GLC, John Monopoly, and Ty Dolla Sign. Nyotaimori (sometimes called “body sushi”) is the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a woman’s naked body. The practice dates back to the Edo period (between 1603 and 1867) but has since become thought of as an “exotic” attraction after its popularity in Japan dwindled in part due to international travel. The practice has been banned in some countries due to health and moral concerns.

Fans seeing videos from the celebration on social media certainly expressed some of those concerns, especially as it became apparent that Kanye’s daughter North also attended the gathering, shooting video of her dad rapping along to his track “Off The Grid” (she was apparently in a different section of the establishment where the sushi was being served normally). Some fans criticized the rapper, calling him a hypocrite for previously criticizing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for allowing North to maintain a TikTok account. “so kanye flipped when kim let north do a dance on tiktok but he’s okay with having her come to his birthday where they’re serving sushi off a naked woman?” one fan asked.

Of course, as always, Kanye’s got his defenders, as other fans expressed appreciation for Kanye teaching North videography skills (or just, you know, saving money on a pro videographer). Although the rapper/producer has fallen out of favor, it looks like he’s still got plenty of supporters, and peers in the industry who are willing to show up to celebrate with him.

Source: uproxx.com