Kanye West Debuts New Music In London

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London, England – Kanye West unveiled new music at the Burberry Spring/Summer 2023 Aftershow Party in the course of London Fashion Week.

Ye performed three new tracks on stage at The Twenty Two in London on Monday night (September 26) and the rapper taking to the stage along with the DJ, Jordss, to surprise guests with previously unreleased material.

All three tracks Kanye revealed were collaborations between James Blake, the British producer and singer who has also collaborated alongside JAY Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake as well as other Hip Hop A-listers.

Blake was able to see videos appear on social media, and shared more details on the tracks. He also spoke about his excitement over working together with Kanye West.

“Doesn’t ever sample “always”. It’s brand new,” he tweeted about one of the songs. “Also created the song. Similar to the two other tracks. My birthday is coming up and @kanyewest plays tracks we designed. I’m all set for presents thank you.”

James Blake spoke highly about Kanye in 2014 and also revealed that they had recorded songs together in the past.

“I have a lot of respect for [Kanye], for what he has been releasing for years,” he said to his newspaper the Miami New Times. “We haven’t put in a large amount of work in the same room as of yet however we’ve managed to do some things, and in a way, and helped one another with the music we’ve made.

“In terms of our actual collaboration for the collaboration for The Colour in EverythingIt looks like we’ll be in a position to finish the project. I’m aware of one particular song I’d like him to perform on and if he could accomplish that before my album releases it would be great.”

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Kanye West was scheduled to be featured as a guest on “Timeless” from his aforementioned album in 2016 However, the plans didn’t pan out as planned.

“Something was supposed to happen; I don’t really know how to describe how that didn’t work out,” Blake stated to Pitchfork in 2016. “I had a desire for Kanye to be in the track “Timeless,” however, the lyrics didn’t come through. I’m sure a wide range of events took place in his life. I stayed away from it.

“Eventually the tone on the record changed and in the end , I believe it wouldn’t be a good fit. But I did not say that it was my intention to work with Kanye in order to get people to become interested. I desired him to have a role part of the album.”

The admiration is mutual The admiration is reciprocated by Kanye West saying that James Blake his “favorite artist” in 2013. Following his comments in a radio interview with The Wired 96.5, an interviewer was asked who James Blake was, and an interviewer stating “he’s Justin Bieber’s dad.”

Kanye said, “Yeah, he’s kinda in the exact opposite. He’s James Blake. You can check out his songs and then say “Hey, Kanye is his favorite artist. ‘”

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