Kanye West Lashes Out At His Critics With A New Song And A Self-Made Documentary, ‘Last Week’

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Kanye West’s recent week was quite a wild one -to the point that he’s just released a 30 minute documentary on it, titled appropriately, Last Week. The documentary also is doubles (triples?) as a music video and short film in that it features an angry new track that lashes on his critics in addition to an extended scene in which the singer plays himself as a type of video game character.

The documentary segment is a look at his meetings with business associates, including Adidas officials and during his Adidas meeting the participants are played what seems as porn. After that, he attends to his daughter’s basketball game when the sound disappears. In the song he’s working on the video, the rapper sings “You a fake b*tch/ You don’t really love Ye/ Go listen to Drake, b*tch.”

Kanye’s unpredictable behaviour has become the focus of criticism throughout the yearlong, but the critiques grew this weekend following his YZY season nine fashion event in Paris the models wore shirts that read ” White Lives Matter” (West himself was wearing the shirt, along with invited guests Candace Owens). After protesting against the criticism the shirts faced (or spending a lot of time in the criticism) the model’s access to social media was halted following his anti-Semitic comments.

The full list of the last week below.

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