Kanye West Says Jamie Foxx Should Play Him in a Movie: ‘One of the Greatest Geniuses’

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Kanye West is contemplating his biopic. In his Instagram, Ye posed the question, “Who should play me in a Ye movie?”

On the cover, Kanye responded to his own query by selecting the “Slow Jamz” collaborator Jamie Foxx.

“My pick is Jamie Foxx One of the greatest geniuses,” Ye wrote.


Ye doesn’t have to be the sole one searching to find Jamie Foxx. Following Diddy’s “R&B is Dead” conversation, TMZ was able to catch Tank at LAX and he just released the R&B money album. What do you think Tank has been affecting R&B? Not a lot of mass-produced love.

In front of the camera, Tank said the fact that Chris Brown and Usher need more support from the mainstream.

“We are still disconnected from the mainstream,” Tank stated. “We have to do more of this. It’s not just me or just CB or even Usher We require more of this. How long will a track such as “End Of The Road” be able to reach the number. 1 . on the Hot 100 chart.”

Tank is also of the opinion that Tank believes that what the world requires is the return Jamie Foxx.

“I been begging him [Jamie Foxx] to get back in there,” Tank added. “I’m going to make him get in there.”

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