Kanye West Suspended From Twitter and Restricted on Instagram After Weekend of Rants and Posts

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Kanye West’s Instagram and other social media rights are now limited. In the words of The Hollywood Reporter the singer’s Instagram account is now blocked because of a violation of Instagram’s rules.

The posts were removed from Ye’s IG page after repeated infractions. Ye is now restricted from sharing his posts, writing comments, or making direct messages.

The messages Kanye sent in response to Diddy were reported to contain anti-Semitic slants. Additionally The American Jewish Committee blasted the remarks and posts made by Jared Kushner’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s FOX News program.


In his return to Twitter, Ye spoke about the event, beginning by saying “How you gone kick me off Instagram.” However, his time on Twitter did not last for long, since he posted an anti-Semitic tweet on Twitter and was then deleted and replaced with the following message “this tweet violated the Twitter Rules.”

Kanye’s tweet can be found below.

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