Kanye West’s Instagram Access Has Been Restricted Following His Alleged Anti-Semitic Remarks

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After a series of posts on Instagram this month, Kanye West was banned from the social media platform.

A spokesperson from the subsidiary company Meta, its parent Meta said to NBC News that Instagram removed content classified as anti-semitic. However, they didn’t go into specifics about the rules Ye is alleged to have violated.

The week before, Ye shared a supposed conversation between Ye and Diddy following Diddy was scathing about him in his appearance on The Breakfast Club for wearing a shirt that reads ” white lives matter.” Ye has allegedly wrote Diddy and Diddy, stating that he would like to wear them as part of his merchandise, however Diddy has apparently rejected the idea and even urged Ye to “stop playing these internet games.”

Ye then posted screenshots of their supposed exchange on the Instagram page.

“This ain’t a game,” Ye told him. “Ima utilize you as an example to demonstrate to the Jewish people who advised you to contact me that nobody can harm and influence my decisions. I’ve already told you that this is war. Go get yourself something to do.”

Many people found these comments to be anti-Semitic This probably caused Instagram restricting his access to the platform.

After his ban following his ban on Instagram, Ye made a brief appearance on Twitter in a tweet, slamming Facebook creator and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“Look at the picture Mark. What are you going to do to get me off Instagram?” he asked.

As of the date of this article we don’t know for long Ye’s access on Instagram will be restricted for.

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