Scooter Braun, a prominent music manager, has been losing clients at a rapid pace in recent days. Among those who have reportedly severed ties with him are Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Idina Menzel. There were also rumors that Justin Bieber was planning to leave, but both parties have denied this. Braun has stated that he is simply reducing his day-to-day management duties to focus more on his role as CEO of HYBE America. However, others speculate that there may be other reasons for his job switch. This situation has sparked a flurry of humorous memes on Twitter.

The humor began to circulate following the news of Menzel’s departure. Soon, people started joking that even fictional musicians from films and TV shows were leaving Braun’s management. Some of these included characters like Annabelle, Kendall Roy, The Be Sharps, Che Diaz, and Marty McFly and the Pinheads.

However, not all characters were leaving; some were supposedly joining Braun’s team. These included Lydia Tár and Jenna Maroney from ‘TGS and The Rural Juror’. Some users even got creative and suggested real people who were fictionally teaming up with Braun.

Some Twitter users took a more humorous approach by suggesting that inanimate objects were parting ways with Braun. These included Halle’s wig and the giant minion overlooking Studio City.

In the midst of all this, Taylor Swift’s name came up. Swift had a well-publicized dispute with Braun when he bought and sold her back catalog, prompting her to re-record all her songs.

Even Braun himself joined in on the fun, jokingly tweeting that he was no longer managing himself. Despite the serious undertones of the situation, it seems that the internet found a way to make light of it through memes.