Kevin Abstract Reveals Title Of The Final Brockhampton Album And Confirms It’ll Be Out This Year

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The year 2022 began and at the beginning of the year, Brockhampton shocked the hip-hop world by announcing they would cancel more than 40 dates of tour in 2022. They also announced the group was disbanding for a time. They appeared at Coachella and two London shows before calling their quits. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being on this journey with us,” an announcement by the band read. “We wouldn’t be where we are without our supporters. We’d like to inspire you just as in the same way as you’ve inspired us over the last seven years.”

At the end of that Coachella performance, when Brockhampton was getting ready to leave on stage, the message was flashed on a video screen stating that there would be a closing Brockhampton album was due out by 2022. The band released a teaser of the album later in the week by releasing a trailer but there’s been no announcement since, aside from Merlyn Wood’s solo album and a track from the group of The Minionssoundtrack. The de facto the band’s leader Kevin Abstract just ended the silence in a significant way. The album’s title was revealed, No Cap and affirming that it will release in 2022. “BROCKHAMPTON ALBUM BEFORE YEAR IS OVER F*CK I AM EXCITED THANK U FOR BEING PATIENT,” the singer tweeted.

However, Abstract appeared to be having amusement. Abstract tweeted what he described as an image of the “No Cap” album cover, however it’s actually a photo of him wearing a hat and hair airbrushed and stating “Official Album Cover 4 Final Bh album.” The time will tell if this is an actual joke or not. It’s impossible to tell.

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Uproxx Kevin Abstract Reveals Title Of The Final Brockhampton Album And Confirms It’ll Be Out This Year Top HipHop

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