Over the course of an 82-game season, NBA teams can play poorly for a myriad of reasons. Injuries can deplete a roster, locker room disputes can manifest on the court, or a coaching rotation can get out of whack. The list goes on and on. But there’s nothing better than seeing a team play a road game on a Sunday at noon in a major city and knowing exactly why a team is playing poorly: Their star player is extremely hungover. Kevin Garnett recently brought Snoop Dogg onto his show, The Best of KG Certified, to remember the time when an all-night adventure with Snoop Dogg cost Garnett a game against the Raptors the next day.

The phrase ‘getting Snooped’ will have to enter the NBA lexicon alongside the Miami flu and LA nightlife is undefeated. It’s easy to see why Flip Saunders — Minnesota’s head coach at the time — was so upset. Garnett would only grab 3 rebounds in that game and the Wolves would go on to lose to a Raptors team that was on a 12-game losing streak. Garnett is as intense and competitive as any player in NBA history, but even the former Defensive Player of the Year was no match for a night with Snoop Dogg.

Source: uproxx.com