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The player is loaded…

Kevin Hart recalls a time when he and his mother were threatened with a gun.

In a recent interview with The million Dollaz Worth of Gamepodcast, Hart talked about the moment when his mother and he were robbed by gunmen in Philadelphia. “Me and my mom were the victim of a robbery. Are you ready to hear the shocking story? We came from the laundromat,” the comedian said.

He added, “we got the shopping cart, and I’m talking about folded clothes. Right, my mom bought the cart. I received my book bag. I’d go to the laundromat in order to complete my assignments. My mom was carrying the fanny pack, which was orange when a man appeared, he told me”Get that s**t out bi ***.’ My mom was like, ‘No.'”

His mother insisted on not letting go of her purse. “I promise to God. Hold the Bible in my hand My mom replied”No. He said”You think I’m to play with me? Take that s**t off. My mom said”‘There’s nothing there and it’s not even a word.'”

“I’m just sitting in front of me, and I’m staring… Then I’m stunned to see the gun. He took it away and then went through his purse. My mom was carrying a lot of coins in her purse I’m sure? Guy gets angry, he throws the token to my mum. “You broke your b***h. He called my mom broken b***h.”

“The remainder of my life, I walked the longest route to get to the laundry. What was once a five-minute walk now took me 30 to an hour,” Kevin says.