It’s been more than three years since Kiana Ledé gifted the world with a full-length project. That last body of work was her 2020 debut Kiki which was certainly one of the better R&B albums of that year. Since then, Ledé has taken on the ups and downs of life, love, and everything in between and it’s led to the upcoming release of her sophomore album Grudges. The project is just days away from becoming available to fans who have waited years for it, so with that being said, let’s get you up to speed with everything you need to know about it.

Release Date

Grudges is locked in for a release on June 16. It comes three years after Ledé released her debut album Kiki.


Ledé announced the tracklist for Grudges just days before its release. The tracklist goes as follows:

1. “Bitter B*tch” (Introlude)
2. “Irresponsible
3. “Promise Me”
4. “Gone” Feat. Bryson Tiller
5. “Gemini Slander”
6. “LMK”
7. “Jealous” Feat. Ella Mai
8. “Focus”
9. “Damage”
10. “Too Far”
11. “Deeper
12. “Grudges” Feat. Kiki & Friends
13. “Deserve”
14. “Same Type”
15. “Where You Go” Feat. Khalid
16. “Closure”
17. “Magic”


Kiana Ledé’s Grudges comes with features from Bryson Tiller (“Gone”), Ella Mai (“Jealous“), and Khalid (“Where You Go”). The album’s self-titled track is listed with a feature from “Kiki & Friends” and based on the tagged names on an Instagram post that Ledé used to announce the tracklist, the “Friends” could be Joyce Wrice, Sinead Harnett, Kyle Dion, and Destin Conrad.


Ledé has released three singles ahead of Grudges. They are “Irresponsible,” “Jealous” with Ella Mai, and “Deeper.”


A tour in support of Grudges has yet to be announced, but if we had to guess, you can bet that Ledé will hit the road for Grudges.

More Details

In a cover story interview with Fault Magazine, Ledé shed some light on some aspects of Grudges.

In response to the most “emotionally challenging song” to write on the album:

I would say the most challenging to write was “Deserve.” I had to go back to the time I got raped and process all of the complexities of the situation. I had to choose to forgive myself for some of the choices I made following my rape. Including keeping in contact with the person who did it to seek some sort of closure since I know I wasn’t in a space to seek justice. I realized that putting the blame on myself was more about having control to protect myself. I had to release the grudge I held against myself and really put the blame on him. This song is the closest to revenge I’m gonna get and I am comfortable with that.

In response to the “biggest change” Ledé has felt on this album compared to other projects:

I think this album is just more grown. I have lived more life and processed my experiences from a more mature perspective. (Even though some shit still be toxic – ha.)

Grudges is out 6/16 via Republic Records. Find out more information here.