Kid Cudi Explains Why He Turned ‘Entergalactic’ Into An Animated Universe: ‘I Was Tired Of Making Albums’

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Kid Cudi is just days away from releasing the 10th album of his studio Entergalactic. Although the majority of this album came out over three years prior, Cudi has been in the process of making an animated video that will accompany his album. To promote Entergalactic, Cudi worked together with Kenya Barris to develop the album’s animated part for Netflix.

An interview conducted by Rolling Stone Cudi disclosed the reasons Cudi decided to adopt an alternative approach when he created Entergalactic

“…I was bored of recording albums.” Cudi said. “I was bored. I was tired by having an album and with two songs and there was nothing more. I was sick of doing the same thing over and over again. I thought, that if I’m going on another album, it’s got to be something new and exciting. It must be unique and something that no one else has previously done. This is how I had the idea of trying to tell this story by animation. It just seemed so logical from then from that point. Kenya [Barriswas the first one who really put the concept in my head because Kenya told me that Netflix was seeking animation.”

The animated show will be starring Jessica Williams, Timothee Chalamet, Ty Dolla Sign and 070 Shake.

Entergalactic is released 9/30 through Republic and will be available on Netflix the next day. You can pre-order the album here..

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Uproxx Kid Cudi Explains Why He Turned ‘Entergalactic’ Into An Animated Universe: ‘I Was Tired Of Making Albums’ Top HipHop

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