Kid Cudi has worn many hats over the course of his career — rapper, actor, writer, and tattoo enthusiast. However, an image recently circulated online featuring a tattoo, which Cudi is denying belongs to him.

The tattoo appears to be a creation of the iOS Emoji keyboard, featuring a set of “frequently used” emojis. A Twitter user posted a picture of the tattoo, and captioned it, saying, “Kid cudi just got the worst tattoo in the world.”

Cudi shared the tweet and instantly shut down this claim.

“This is not me lame,” he said, with a crying emoji next to the statement.

While Cudi (and hopefully anyone in their right mind) didn’t actually get a tattoo of the Emoji keyboard, the multihyphenate did recently get a tattoo of the KAWS-designed Moon Man cartoon which is featured on the boxset featuring Cudi’s Man On The Moon album trilogy.

Recently, Cudi’s animated film Entergalactic, which accompanies his 10th studio album also titled Entergalactic, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Cudi took to Twitter to celebrate this remarkable feat, and particularly showed love to his frequent collaborator and friend, Travis Scott.

“Love to all the homies that hit me and showed love about the emmy nom,” he said. “Trav hit me first before anyone sayin congrats. It feels good to know I got real homies, real family out here that support me always.”