Killer Mike Performs ‘Run’ On Jimmy Fallon, Emphasizes Voting

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Killer Mike made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Friday night (October 7) and performed his most recent track “Run.”

It was released in July. The single is the first single following the debut of his album R.A.P. Music.

With the Roots, DJ Cutmaster Swiff and Georgia Me, Killer Mike entertained the crowd with his heartfelt rendition of the track.

Prior to his performance Killer Mike sat down for an interview with Fallon in which he discussed the motivation for “Run.”

“It’s an optimistic and uplifting song music video from Black Atlanta, Black America simply to say, “We’ve need to continue running towards victory and freedom.’ Killer Mike said of the single.

With midterm elections just around the corner, Killer Mike emphasized the importance of the importance of voting.

“It’s very serious, and hyper-serious locally,” Killer Mike explained. “On the local scale, the people who are the police chief and the mayors you choose and your prosecutors, as well as the city council members It’s extremely crucial.

“A couple weeks ago, they were threatening the nightlife in Georgia — in Atlanta in particular — which kind of sprouts some of the biggest artists in the world — 2 Chainz, T.I., Lil Baby and myself — and if those clubs, which a lot are independently or small business-owned, get closed, it closes the whole economy,” Killer Mike continued.

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In the program it also covered his appearance for Ozark as well as his very first encounter with Laura Linney, the co-star of the show.

“I had a meeting with Laura Linney on a plane and I was intoxicated. Then I got high.” Killer Mike recalled. “She was so nice. .”

An active pro-cannabis activist, Killer Mike expressed his support for President Joe Biden’s proposal to decriminalize cannabis via Twitter.

“Best!!!!! Reschedule!” Killer Mike’s message read. “Legalize. Allow the people you are freeing to enter the enterprise and ownership within the legal area. We’ll be there for you regarding this, Monsieur. The President .”

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