Killer Mike Reacts To President Biden Pardoning Thousands Of Marijuana Possession Sentences

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Killer Mike has signed off his approval to President Biden’s proposal to reform and legalize cannabis within the United States.

This Wednesday (October 6) the President Biden announced that he will have pardoned all Americans detained by federal charges for simple marijuana possession and also urged officials in the state to follow his example and follow suit.

“Good,” the Run The Jewels rapper wrote in reply to Biden’s request to move, “Better!”

Killer Mike really appreciated the third option in Biden’s plan that would seek to redefine marijuana into a federal substance and then remove it from the same category as heroin, making it less penalized than Fentanyl.

“Best!!!!! Reschedule,” Killer Mike continued. “Legalize. Allow the people you are allowing into your enterprise and ownership of the legal arena. We’ll be with you in this, Mr. President.”

President Biden made the following statement in his announcement: “As I often said during my presidential campaign there is no reason for anyone to be in prison for smoking or using marijuana. In fact, sending people to prison for possession of marijuana has ruined too many lives and led to the incarceration of many for conducts that many states do not prohibit anymore.”

Killer Mike has long been an advocate for the legalization of cannabis in America. He produced a docu-series called Tumbleweeds together with Killer Mike in which he delved into the effects and development of the marijuana industry.

“We’ve honored three people today from Adamsville, who grew local businesses or influenced that, and this ordinance will wipe out the opportunity to do that,” the mayor said. “This is one of the only cities where entertainers and athletes have gone on to form a business class.”

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