As Jay-Z once said, “Believe half of what you hear, even if it’s spat by me.” That principle has once again been proven true thanks to Killer Mike. During a recent interview to promote his new album, Michael, Killer Mike appeared to confirm that his longtime collaborator André 3000 is working on a new album. However, according to HipHop-N-More, he has since backtracked, telling his hometown radio station V-103 it was just a joke that fans took too seriously.

“I was stoned out of my mind playing, teasing with y’all,” he’s reported saying. “Y’all done took the joke too seriously. But you know, [André 3000’s] always making music. He’s never not making music. So I got a chance to hear a lot of cool stuff… If you want to hear Dre though, I know where you can. It’s this album called Michael that’s out right now.” He is referring, of course, to the song “Scientists & Engineers,” on which André appears alongside Future.

Mike said the Outkast member had nearly nixed the collaboration until hearing the completed version with guest vocalist Eryn Allen Kane. He gave the go-ahead on its release, but while promoting the album, Mike revealed the existence of another collaboration — and fans’ eagerness to hear it is likely what prompted the furor over Mike’s album comments.