Kodak Black Apologizes to PnB Rock’s Girlfriend

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Kodak Black is apologizing to PnB Rock‘s girlfriend for appearing to blame her for the rap-crooner’s September murder.

On Sunday (Oct. 2), Kodak Black was talking to fans on Instagram Live when he expressed remorse for saying PnB Rock’s girlfriend should end her life because he believed a photo she posted on IG led to PnB Rock’s killing.

“To bruh girl,” Kodak Black prefaced his statement. “I was angry at that moment when I first heard it, ’cause I had just woke up. I had just woke up that day when it had happen and I had a migraine that was killing me. I was like, hearing that shit, I just went with what everybody was saying. ‘Oh, Man. She posted a address.’ Before I even really tried to … You know, shit just really starting to come out two, three days ago. They made it seem like she posted a address or she was something … At the end of the day, I don’t care about [her] like that. That’s my dawg. Any one of my dawgs, I don’t care about your girl. I fuck with you. You my nigga. I could care less about her.”

He continued, “At that moment, it was sounding like she did some bullshit. So, shit, kill yourself. But, other than that. I don’t wish no bad on her and shit like that. So, I give my apologies to her. I hope she keep her head up.”

The day after PnB Rock was shot and killed in Los Angeles during an attempted robbery while eating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles with his girlfriend on Sept. 12, Kodak Black went online and reacted to the speculation that a geotagged Instagram post revealing the couple’s location may have led to someone tracking Rock down and killing him.

“That hoe might as well kill herself,” Kodak wrote in part.

Kodak Black doubled down on his assertion that the photo led to PnB Rock being killed when a fan tried to record a live video of Yak a few days later and the rapper went off.

“Aye, check it out, man. Don’t record me, bro. What you doing?” Kodak told the fan. “You on Live, but you just put the phone to my car, homie. Don’t do that … You tripping, boy. Come on, homie. You tripping. You don’t see that shit that happened to PnB [Rock]? You don’t see that shit that just happened to PnB Rock, homie? So why you recording me? … God forbid some crazy shit [happen]. Then what? Come on, man. You tripping.”

Kodak’s apology comes on the heels of three suspects being arrested for the murder of PnB Rock, including a 17-year-old who is accused of being the triggerman and his father who is accusing of being the getaway driver. According to the police, the duo was already in the parking lot of the restaurant when PnB Rock arrived with his girlfriend, shooting down the Instagram post theory that many people including Kodak ran with initially.

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