Latto Dragged For Her ‘Sexually Liberated Woman’ Child Interview Comments

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Latto has caused a stir in response to a new social media star’s question about fashion by giving what some people have called an unsuitable response.

A video of an interaction with the rapper Taylen Biggs was posted via the web on Thursday (September 29) and shows Latto receive a call from the girl to ask her questions.

Biggs questions her the 777 rapper what she thinks of as the definition of her “personal style,” and Latto’s response might be a little shocking for a little girl. “I think I’m authentic, I think I give a modern sexually liberated woman,” Latto stated. “You’ll learn about that later.”

The journalist was clearly no idea of about what Latto is talking about, as she simply said “ok” and moved on to the next question. When the clip went public on social media and the Latto critiques started.

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A lot of people felt that Latto’s response was a bit sloppy and it should be made publicized, like Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Hazel-E, the star of the show, stated that she’ll have to examine the Atlanta rapper out for his carelessness.

As per Hazel, labels need to focus more on the development of artists She also mentions that she may have trained pop superstar Lady Gaga for the red carpet in the past.

“You gotta know what is appropriate for what audience,” Hazel wrote. “Bring back artist development! I taught it while I was the publicist for Insterscope. I’ll never forget my first experience when I prepared Gaga to walk on the red carpet…and I was able to read in the space.”

The criticisms weren’t over and a lot of people commented about an awkward conversation that took place between Latto and the child.

“Latto said ‘sexually liberated’ and y’all heard her say ‘get out there and start fuckin lil mama’,” one person tweeted. another tweeted, “Ppl be having 120 words in their vocabulary & somehow sexual liberation is 2 of em.”

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Another person was even asking the reason why the kid was there to begin with in order to interview the rapper: “What’s the background here? Why would a child be conducting an interview with Latto initially in the first in the first place?”

Despite the controversy the public shouldn’t be shocked that Latto offered that response, as she’s proud of her status as sexually free. The month of July was when Big Latto hopped on Twitter after dropping her “Pussy” single to state she is a fan of singing about everything sex related.

“Truth is I love rapping about sex it makes me feel so powerful and liberated and SEXY,” the “Wheelie” rapper tweeted. “But when I do yall say that’s all I rap about lol even tho I have a million other songs where I don’t.”

Find out what people are saying about Latto’s interview question below:

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